The New Baseball People


If you’ve ever been part of a sports-based family, like hockey, football, or baseball, you’ll know that there are certain unspoken rules that apply to each sport and each team. 

As a former baseball wife, I’ve had plenty of opportunities to live out those unspoken rules throughout many years. I guess I’m just so used to them that the rules come naturally to me and it’s shocking when newbies break the rules. 

Last week, at my son’s baseball practice (yes, I’m now a baseball mom), I was sitting comfortably in my chair beside the dugout when I heard a rumbling. I looked over to find that someone was driving a car between the diamonds. 

First of all, that’s a huge no-no because it will ruin the shale that makes up the walkways. And yes, they’re called WALKways for a reason – no cars allowed. Secondly, was the dad really that lazy that he couldn’t walk as far as the rest of us? I don’t understand lazy people. Lastly, there’s a small gate at the entrance, not for street vehicles, but for maintenance vehicles to tend the grounds. Even if the gate was open, there is an unspoken DO NOT ENTER sign. 

As everyone gawked with wide eyes at the dad who literally drove through the complex, this dad didn’t even notice. He thought it was normal and nothing was out of the ordinary. I was so shocked that I could only shake my head in dismay while another of the baseball moms, who was also a baseball wife during my time, looked over at me and said rhetorically, “really??” I shrugged and gave a mocking chuckle as the car pulled past us. 

I guess some people just don’t understand the rules as well as us veteran baseball wives. 


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