The Dress


Every girl has “that dress” – the one she got for a special occasion while she was young and hangs in the garment bag while staring at it for a certain length of time, dreaming of the amazing things that will happen while she wears it to an up-coming event. 

I just found my dress, hanging in the back of my closet. It’s been laying dormant for years, waiting for me to find it again and relive that moment, when the world was full of dreams and times were much more simple. 

This specific dress was from 1989, and it probably wouldn’t fit me anymore. Nevertheless, it has been untarnished by time because of the clear garment bag that had protected it all these years. The black stretch bodice is in immaculate condition even though the royal green puffy barely-there cap sleeves have been flattened by being squished against the wall when new clothing was added to the closet over time. 

I remember buying the dress for my first appearance as a grad escort. I was in grade ten and I was asked to be an escort to a grad in another city. It was to be my coming out moment, when I would shine as the princess who was once an ugly duckling. 

It was, indeed, a special night. My escort, who was only a friend, asked if I was having a good time, and I didn’t lie when I said that it was one of the most magical nights of my life. Our friendship deepened that night and we’ve been forever friends since then. 

I truly felt like the belle of the ball that night. And I can’t fathom the idea of giving this dress away – it would be like giving away the memories that go with it. So I’ll bury this dress deep into the recesses of my closet once again, to be pulled out in later years so I can reminisce again about that night when friendship and love and reinventing yourself was real. 


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