A Girl’s Heart


Don’t break a girl’s heart on purpose. It’s not nice. We all need to be loved and those who have been hurt over and over are likely to become cold and bitter. Do you really want to be the cause of that kind of heartache?

I’ve had my heart stomped on – my younger years were full of being toyed with, lied to, and used. Luckily, I grew out of my bitterness years ago. But I can see how easily it could become a lifestyle. It still hurts sometimes when I look back and realize how badly I was treated by some who said they loved me.

Maybe it’s because of this why I have decided to be the kind person I choose to be every day. I never want someone to look back at their time with me and hurt because of sadness I left behind. I want people to think of me and smile. I want them to be glad they met me and appreciate the time we’ve spent together.

Forever the nice girl.


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