To Wonder And Wander




This is me.

I always wander through life. Sometimes aimlessly, sometimes with a destination in mind. Sometimes with other people, but mostly alone. As I wander, I wonder. I revel in the world around me. And I appreciate all those small things in life that many take for granted.

The colors in the sky, the smell of a freshly mowed lawn, and the sounds of children’s laughter in the park are all things that I notice.

Just yesterday, as I sat alone at a coffee shop, my senses were alert as I marinated in life around me. The meditative hum of the heating system, the discussion between mother and child beside me, the jingle of the bell above the door that chimes when someone enters or exits, and the jovial laughter of the baristas behind the counter – I smiled, invisibly, knowing that I was lucky enough to be a part of this life.

As I walked down the street, towards the building where I had my appointment, I noticed the people around me. Most were rushed, a few were on their devices, and some looked straight ahead, unaware of the things going on around them. How sad for them! They were missing out on the birds singing overhead, the laughter of a young couple wrapped in puppy love, and smiles of a little girl who beamed with excitement as she walked out of the toy store with a new toy.

Maybe it’s just that I’m too simple – I live a very quiet, simple, and basic life. And I wander. A lot. I try not to rush too often and I take my time in order to do things right the first time. I give myself enough time everyday to get things done and I have realistic expectations for myself.

I do not give in to society’s version of happiness and beauty – instead, I have decided to create my own definition. I know I am not perfect and I don’t try to be. There is too much pressure put on all of us through outside expectations that I have decided to give myself a break during this life and just be me.

Conversely, I do not expect much out of others as well. We should all be free to be who we are among the mass of imperfection. Because, to me, imperfection is perfection.

I’m off to wander again…


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