Just Run


Photo Credit: Seth Macey

There are so many healthy living blogs, articles, Instagram accounts, Facebook pages, and other social media outlets that give you advice on how to become a runner. And I used to obsess over every single one.

But then I quit. Cold turkey. Because the best advice I ever got was, “just run.”

It’s really that simple.

Believe me, in the beginning, my “running” was not what most would consider a good run. I got winded at the quarter-mile mark and I’d stop. But I persevered, I kept going. Each day I’d get on the treadmill or pound the pavement and I’d run. I didn’t quit.

And then something extraordinary happened. Eventually, those quarter-mile runs turned into half-mile runs. And the half-mile runs turned into mile runs. And I kept going. I wouldn’t stop. Because the longer I did it, the better I got at it. Running takes time.

It doesn’t matter if you run for 2 minutes or 2 hours. It doesn’t matter whether you’re training for a marathon or doing it just to be healthy. The whole point of being a runner is to run.

On those days when I had no motivation, I’d whisper to myself, “just run.” And I would. That was all it took to motivate me to get moving again. Even if I had been running a few miles each day, those less-ambitious days I’d “just run” even if it meant only a quarter-mile.

Two little words and my life has been transformed. It truly is that simple.

Just run.




Every year, in late October, I look over at my laptop and think, “this will be the November when I full participate in NaNoWriMo.”

And every year, I am wrong.

This year is no exception. I got as far as printing off my basic plot summary. And it’s still sitting on my desk, where I left it on October 29th.

My sons birthday is October 30th. Halloween is October 31st. For two days my entire world is full of chaos. I have a party that I’ve planned for two weeks ahead of time, and a fun day of trick or treating that I host every year for my son, his friends, and his friends families. I spend most of October up to my elbows in party-planning for the final two days of the month.

By November 1st, I’m so tired that I’d prefer to just sleep during the entire month instead of engage my brain and write.

Maybe I’ll create my own, personal NaNoWriMo, but during a different month. Does that count??